Hawaii Art

Pablo Neruda, the celebrated poet, praised a mythical goddess: “her voice, bright body, infinite eyes”…
Kim McDonald, one of Hawaii’s pre-eminent artists, has captured numerous “Island Goddesses” in her portrait series, but it is tempting to view her evocative seascapes as the conjurings of another island goddess–Kim–caught in the act of lovingly bringing her cherished islands and oceans to life.

Ann Nathan Gallery

This is the place for the original find-may it be a painting of stature, an edgy sculpture, or simply an exquisite creation. This is the place to revel and discover.
Maintaining a strong focus on figurative art and realism, Ann Nathan Gallery represents established and emerging artists and has remained at the forefront of contemporary art for over 30 years.

S2 Architects

S2 architects is a new and energetic full service architectural firm specializing in clean modern design. S2 architects believes in architecture that enhances and integrates with the landscape. Spaces are created as a response to the specific site, client program, and budget; and equally important, have a level of emotion and excitement beyond the expected. S2 architects was founded in Aspen Colorado in July of 2013 and has already received a design award by the AIA and a reputation for extraordinary work and dedication to every client. S2 architects process is rigorous and includes site analysis, programming, scale models, computer renderings, product reach, detailing, complete construction documents, specifications, and in-depth involvement during bidding negotiation and construction. As a leader in the design of every project S2 architects works closely with any number of consultants to create the best overall project.

e4 Elements

Elements specializes in the design, construction & maintenance of site & owner specific, eco-balanced, highly functional & fundamentally beautiful outdoor spaces. We believe that good design should trickle through every facet of life, & when properly captured, becomes a reflection of an individuals lifestyle, values and surroundings.

Studio B Architects

Rooted in a strong modernist aesthetic, Studio B’s fresh, minimalist design, elegant site integration and seamless interplay between architecture, interiors and nature have garnered increasing national attention since the firm’s founding in Aspen, Colorado in 1991. With more than 45 prestigious design awards received over the last decade, and recognition by the American Institute of Architects/Colorado as the organization’s ‘2009 Firm of the Year’, Studio B’s influence and growing portfolio of modernist work have continued to draw attention far beyond the Rocky Mountain West.

Blue Green

Bluegreen is a broadly talented studio that addresses all phases of planning and design, from shaping ideas to directing implementation. Our design work encompasses residential gardens, resort landscapes, civic spaces, large scale master plans and new communities. Our policy work includes comprehensive plans, land use and zoning strategies and codes, attainable housing programs, design guidelines, sustainability and performance standards, and community engagement programs. Our team roles range from project leaders for complex multi-disciplinary projects to valuable team collaborators. Our authenticity in green building is evident in our City of Aspen ZGreen Business certification, US Green Building Council membership, LEED accredited professionals and CORE sponsorship.