Internet Of Things & Rich Analytics
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Strata Mine Safety

Strata Worldwide develops products, services, and technologies to increase safety and productivity within the mining and energy industries. Strata is committed to the advancement of mining safety technology because, at Strata, safety is success.

Strata partnered with ZGtec, in 2011, to create and maintain a product line architecture supporting command centers for systems which track miner and equipment movements, atmospheric conditions, and communications across a mine's underground network. In turn, ZGtec developed the rich analytics and control systems which communicate with the network, miners, atmospheric sensors, equipment and assist in management operations. ZGtec and Strata have built this scalable product line to meet and exceed MSHA mandates and regulations. As new technologies and product ideas develop, we expand it's capabilities; increasing safety and saving countless lives.

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Amatis Controls

Amatis Controls is a wireless ‘IOT’ hardware and engineering firm that specializes in wireless commercial and residential monitoring, metering and lighting controls. Amatis approached ZGtec once they had a suite of products within their wireless mesh network ready for market and needed a partner in developing a web based UI for real time data metrics and graphing analytics. ZGtec worked closely with Amatis to create:

  • A responsive "Energy Dashboard" for remote access to real-time data, rich analytics and graphing tools
  • Real-time portal for communications and controls within the wireless network for basic wireless lighting controls and hvac
  • Provided DBA and server support for projected increase in usage and required scalability

Together we brought their wireless technology to life in a clean, fast and simple dashboard management system.
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Hospitality Reservations & eCommerce
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Xanterra Travel Collection
A World of Unforgettable Experiences

The Xanterra Travel Collection is a diverse portfolio of unique and unforgettable vacation experiences around the world. Trek to the ancient mountain-top ruins of Machu Picchu, venture on safari in Namibia, cycle through French wine country or take a sleigh ride in Glacier National Park at 6,000 feet above sea level. Watch Old Faithful erupt from a century-old lodge in Yellowstone, ride in a 1923 Pullman train car to the Grand Canyon or gaze at the Milky Way from a historic four-diamond desert oasis in Death Valley.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts teamed up with ZGtec over 14 years ago to build and maintain much of the online infrastructure for a majority of their online assets including PCI Certified online reservations, customer feedback processes and online eCommerce & retail. Today ZGtec continues to extend and manage the various custom systems, facilitating substantial ROI savings at nearly 90% annually by insourcing development and ownership of the online reservation systems away from third party facilitators. Properties include Grand Canyon South Rim, Yellowstone National Park Lodges, Glacier National Park Lodges, Zion National Park Lodges, Windstar Cruises, Grand Canyon Railway and many more.

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Mobile iOS APPs
& Custom Systems Integrations
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American Seminar Institute

American Seminar Institute teamed up with ZGtec to streamline its’ web based sales, remote digital content delivery and online registrations for continuing medical education professionals. A list of recent integrations are:

  • Integrated real time syncing web CRM, eCommerce order and product management with existing in-house Access DB system and 3rd party content providers through new API channels.
  • New Streaming and Digital Download course and content delivery.
  • New iOS “ASI Download Manager” Mobile App to allow registered users to download, manage and access all digital course content offline using their mobile devices.

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